Thursday, July 5, 2012

Baby Liam {6 Days New} Liam. This lil fella was 6 days new and such a sweet baby boy! Mommy, daddy, big sis, and even aunt Mikala came along for the fun. This was my FIRST newborn session that took place outdoors! Can you believe it, all this time and this lil man was my first. He did a great job though and I loved the look of his pictures. 

I think some of my favorite pictures are when big sis are included as well. She just looks so darn proud of her baby brother, I love those moments! I just had to share :)


This last picture I loved. This is a picture of daddy adjusting Liam's tie. Isn't that cute in itself? lol But then it just shows how little Liam really NEW he really is. Time reallly does fly and hopefully a picture like this helps mama him little for just a tad longer because we all know it goes by way too quickly! 

Welcome to the world precious Liam!

- Sandy