About Sandy

I am born and raised in Washington Indiana, and even though Indiana weather is complete craziness, I do love it. I love the snow, I love the leaves, I love the rain, and I love the sun! What I don't really care for is when we get all 4 all in the same week :) But I cherish it nonetheless. I am a chocolate lover, a facebook addict, and a book worm. I'll watch any type of war movie there is and my husband still laughs at me for it. Since having my daughter, I've regressed back to loving to splash water, dancing like a care free child, and play with playdough. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a wonderful thing and Dora the Explorer is one impressive little girl!

I have a bachelor's degree in Social Work and I work for an agency called Healthy Families, where we work with new and prenatal mothers and I love it. I work there four days a week and when I'm not taking pictures, I'm spending time with my darling family. If you see me out and about and I don't have my camera, I have my beautiful daughter :) She is my light and is a huge part of why I began taking pictures.

I have always enjoyed taking pictures as a hobby. I loved the different angles, the different emotions, and the creative aspect of it. In 2008 I found out I was pregnant and arriving six weeks early, we had a precious baby girl. Since she was so early, she (so we) weren't able to go out and about for at least a couple of months, so therefore mommy needed to get creative if she wanted newborn pictures of her baby girl. So that's just what she did.

I told you earlier that I was a facebook addict, well, after posting her newborn pictures on facebook, it was so gratifying the comments I would get. Talk about a confidence booster. Then my lovely BFF asked me to take her engagement pictures down the road so I gave it a shot. And then became Sandy Clarke Photography :) Word of mouth has been my only source of advertising thus far, simply because I am doing this as a hobby and I do not do this full time. I am very thankful for the followers that I do have and I cherish the ones that I make in the future.

My style is more of relaxing and just letting people be themselves. I prefer capturing the emotion instead of situating everyone awkwardly and making them smile. I prefer the children and families to feel comfortable so that true emotions are captured through the lens.

I am available for sessions in the surrounding counties and will travel if needed. I am a natural light photographer, so I try to get outdoors as much as possible because, let's admit it, you can't get much more natural than the outdoors itself ;)