Sunday, June 12, 2011

Senior Season has begun!


Maybe this will go away with more years under my belt, but it seems like I've done so many newborn sessions lately, along with family and children that when it comes to doing senior sessions, which as so completely different than any other session, I just get nervous. You've gotta admit, newborn...senior...nothing alike. LOL. 

So I begin to doubt myself 

"Gosh am I going to be able to execute like I want to?"
"I did soooo good last year, will I be able to do the same this year?"
"What if I can't execute the look and style they are wanting?"

And I tell you, everytime I begin to doubt myself, I have an amazing session. A session that is flawless, fun, easy going...perfect. And my first two senior sessions for the class of 2012 were just that. Of course, aside the fact that the first session included seeing a big snake in the distance...seriously didn't know if I was going to get past THAT one WHEW and then the second session the rain decided to greet us, but I think we nailed it. 

So next time I begin to doubt myself, which this won't be the last time because I'm human :), I'll remember this moment...because I love seniors. Just as much as I love newborns :) Awesomeness....complete awesomeness!

Let the fun begin, shall we? 
- Sandy

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reasons I love being a photographer

When I was asked in the fall of 2009 if I would take my BFF's engagement pictures, I'm not gonna lie, I was just a tad nervous! lol! I knew I could take pictures of my baby girl, but memories for other people that would last a life time?


But after the nervousness subsided I set out researching and researching some more. And after the session was over, I was in love. That's all it took! Since there are a lot of new faces out there that may not know me personally, I thought I'd just list some reasons why I love what I do :) Enjoy!

1. Photography is my artistic outlet. In my day job, I am meeting new mommy's all the time. I'm able to listen and help in any way I can. There are times that I'm able to get creative with that position, which I really appreciate, but photography brings on a completely different type of creativity. So being able to be creative at my day job and then on the weekends being able to slip into another creative element...pure Heaven :) So to be able to talk with a family, get to know them, I mean REALLY get to know them, their likes, interests, etc. and see how I can incorporate those likes into their pictures, it's just so awesome. To be able to talk with a family and say "what if we did this" and then it just snowballs into 10 other ideas, those are the creative juices I love to feel flow.

2. I love meeting new people. When I first starting taking pictures for others, I would take pictures of family and friends. Then gradually I started to have complete strangers email me inquiring about a session. Coolest thing ever. lol. Now I probably get 1-2 emails a day from people I've never met and it instantly puts a smile on my face. And then going from emailing to actually having a session, it's like I've known the person for years. I love it! I can be in Walmart and people will come up to me, you are Sandy Clarke right? You took so and so's pictures and instantly a conversation is started up with a complete stranger. I tell ya you people make me feel famous sometimes lol. Sometimes my hubby just laughs and shakes his head. "I can't take you anywhere" he says lol, he likes it ;)

3. I love when I have a session and a child (or a couple of kids lol) are running crazy, non stop, "won't cooperate" "no smiles" etc and I can just chuckle behind the camera just knowing that the parents are thinking "there is no way we are getting one good picture to work with" because they miss the geniune grin when they were being tickled, being chased,  the gaze looking away that was adorable as ever, the hug of mommy that speaks volumes. I. love. this. When I go home, sort through the pictures, smile myself, edit and then post a few pictures and then I get the responses. The parents reactions are all worth it to me and I give me the adrenaline to make each picture perfect for them. I can't explain this feeling because it's pretty awesome.

4. New Life. I enjoy capturing moments for all ages, but to be able to capture those itty bitty babies within the first few days of life, man that's icing on the cake. At the end of my pregnancy, I ended up getting HELLPS syndome and it was pretty scary for a while. For Sammi to be on this earth (and myself for that matter), it has really helped me cherish life and it makes me want to capture the sweetest memories possible for these new parents. These are THEE first professional pictures of these little sweeties and it's my job to make them absolutely perfect. So if we have to take 25 breaks during the session, we take 25 breaks. I love being able to hold the little ones, whisper to them, swaddle them, and laugh uncontrollably when they decide to go potty all over mommy and daddy. Oh those priceless memories. They are just flat out fun! Love them!

5. Post Processing. I love the moments of actually taking the pictures. But then to be able to come home and see how I can take those pictures that are already cute and fun, to try and take them to another cute and fun level, is priceless. This also goes along with the creative juices. But then again, I also enjoy just taking the picture and not having to do a darn thing with it either.

I didn't go to school for photography, I've never really taken any classes, but I never stop learning. I read. I watch videos. I research like crazy.   I still have a lot to learn, but for taking pictures for others less than two years, I've enjoyed the ride and all that has came with it. I enjoy my clients. I enjoy seeing them come back for another session. I enjoy when they refer me to others. I enjoy the appreciation I get from them and I LOVE their reactions.


I'm not sure if anyone really reads this, but if you do, how about showing some love! I'd love to see a comment from you it would make my day :) So go know you wanna ;) I don't bite, PROMISE! :)

Thanks for reading :)


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Photos = Memories

I was asked to see if I could do anything with an old photo that this family had of this tractor that this lil' man was sitting on during one of my more recent sessions. Of course I always jump at the challenge because it gets the creative juices flowin'. This is a picture of this little guys great aunt one year after their family had bought the tractor. This picture was on an old slide that this lil' guys grandpa had to go searching for and he was able to clean it up a bit. How awesome is that! This just goes to show that pictures....they are worth a lifetime of memories and who knows how THOSE memories can effect people down the line. Another memory captured. What are YOU going to capture today?

Sandy Clarke Photography
Capturing Life Through The Lens