Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What I've been up to...

I know, it's been a long time since I've had time to sit down and type up a blog. So this is going to be a post with my favorites from the sessions since I posted last....BACK IN MAY! So enjoy A LONG BLOG! :)

Loved this saying. Spent a lot of time searching for the perfect quote for this picture....picture perfect, especially for this family!
4 children and you can see the love shine through these two. Great role models for these kiddos!

This Daddy is a police officer. A Hero in his son's eyes.
hehe, look at that smileMuscle Brothers!
Look at all those adorable siblings!
Precious session, a daddy and his son. They were so much fun. The size difference between these two just scream protection :)
Newborn Session
Daddy loves Air Jordan so this was his gift for Father's Day :)
One Year Session :)
Another One Year Session :)

I Heart Dad Session

Sibling Session, such cuties!

Love me some little angels!
Yet another One Year Session :)Yes, that's a fox. I was feeling adventurous! Ok, so the parents were and I just said of course! :)

Here Fishy Fishy :)Senior Session
Another Senior Session :)
Mommy and Son session, can you say Cubs fans?!?! KIDDING! Cardinals all the way with this session!

Love me a girl who knows how to play a guitar. Had to take advantage of it then :)
OK! I THINK THAT'S IT! I couldn't choose just 1 favorite from each session so I chose 2 :) That was hard enough. Great families and great memories, thank you for allowing me to do your pictures! I had a great time on every single session!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I Heart Faces: "Celebrating Teens"

This is my first post for I Heart Faces. Thought it would be fun and since my friend Mandy did this for fun, I thought, why not :) This senior was such a fun one. So unique in her style and she was so natural. This picture took place when she was actually asking her mom if her hair piece was falling out and if it needed fixed. I love unplanned pictures :) Sometimes they make the best ones :) Be sure to check out the rest of the pictures that have been posted by others on: www.iheartfaces.com

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sweet Sisters

Last weekend was a busy one. I had these cute little darlings on Saturday and then I had 4 I Heart Dad sessions on Sunday. Not to mention the senior session the Thursday before. Makes me a little slower on the editing process but I like to take my time on each picture and make them perfect to the family. So be it :) What REALLY excites me is that come tomorrow afternoon, I am off work until the 14th! woohoo! So I'll be able to get completely caught up until I have my next session on the 10th. My entire family is heading for vacation and I couldn't be more excited. Mountains, family, relaxation, peacefulness, oh who am I kidding, there's going to be about 30 of us in a cabin! But it will still be fun ;) Much needed let me tell ya :)

Mommy worried about how the little one would do with the pictures but as you can tell she did wonderful! Smiley, laughing, just absolutely beautiful. It was so cute! Even impressed mom I think! ;)

I had purchased a set of bigger angel wings for the older kiddos and she was the first one to try them out. She loved them and she looked great wearing them. This girls a natural I'm telling ya.
Even the little cutie got a pair of angel wings. She wasn't AS excited about the idea, but she still looked awfully precious ;)
There's that smile that had mama smiling just as big :)
This is what love looks like.

This picture just cracked me up so much I had to include it. If only her sister had a clue what was about to happen....haha!
Hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment if you'd like!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Seniors - underway!

You may have seen this chic before, and you are right, you aren't just seeing things. I did her senior invitations for her open house about a month ago. This girl that I like to refer to as Ms. Peronality, home schooled and found out she was able to graduate early. How awesome is that? I believe that's every high schoolers dream! haha! So as soon as they found out she could graduate THIS year, they called me up and I got her on the schedule.

I'm only going to put a few of her pictures up here, but I think we were able to get several pictures for them to choose from. Her mom kept telling me that I was killing her because I'd post yet another good picture of her daughter. Well look at her daughter, how could I not? Seriously! :)

So I hope you enjoy this girl. She, too, gave me free reign to be as creative as I wanted and play around with their pictures because that's what they wanted. I think I might enjoy these senior sessions :) You want them to have a little bit more personality than other sessions so I think me and Senior sessions may end up pretty good friends. lol. I believe my next one is a handsome young man who could honestly pass for a model. Yeah, I can't wait to get behind the camera on that one either!

Well enjoy! (For the record, I believe the picture at the top actually was my favorite. Hard to choose, but it was so random, yet so cool looking.

Congrats on the graduation girl, be proud!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Team Dietsch

Four Boys. Yes, FOUR boys! They gave me a run for my money let me tell ya! No, really it honestly wasn't that bad :) The oldest stood there and smiled like he was asked and the youngest would sit there and gilly and look cute. It was the middle two that would say COME AND GET ME!!!!! hahaha! It was fun trying to run around and try and get'em. I got my workout in for the day, now I know why mama looks so good! She keeps busy I'm sure!

See what I mean? :) ha!
Daddy is a police officer so we wanted to get a nice family picture of everyone in their blues

Then onto the outdoors pictures - so fun!

Even mommy gets in and does some bow hunting with'em! Very impressive stuff! You should have seen all the HUGE antlers this family had! Wow!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Birthday Boy!

Today (Okay yesterday, I am up way too late for my own good) this little man turned a year old. After talking with mommy, we had come up with a few ideas we wanted to try with this little guy. We wanted to incorporate soccer into a few pictures, hit little suit into some pictures, daddy's truck in someway and the fishbowl picture. Easy enough! And boy did this boy has the CUTEST smile. Dimples people, DIMPLES! On a 1 year old, I will take that any way! He was SO adorable and he did so good! You could really tell he loved his mommy because of the smiles you see in these pictures. Pure love.

I woke up with this idea in my head. I REALLY wanted to try it. I didn't know if it would end up being a flop but mommy was all for it. She kind of gave me free rain to do whatever I wanted and boy do I enjoy those sessions let me tell ya. This little guy had SO MUCH FUN "driving" his daddy's truck! Can you tell?
At the beginning of the session, mommy told me that this little man had just started taking steps. She said he doesn't decent standing on his own, and what do you know we captured it on camera! I was so excited and you could tell that he thought he was pretty big stuff himself. You better believe that I went straight home and tried putting something in front of my daughter to see if she would stand there and hold it like he was holding onto this weed. Worked for a little while I might add ;)See what I mean?!? Those Dimples!!
Great-Grandma was in town this weekend and I believe she only comes to the United States a couple times a year. I had suggested since she was in town to try and get a few pictures since, well that's what pictures are all about, capturing love on film (digital at least ;)). So she was able t get int oa few shots and daddy got in on them as well. As you can tell, the text is in spanish. It reads: "No Matter the Distance, I will always love you." So so true, especially in this situation. No matter the distance, great grandma will always love her precious little great grandbaby. Millions of miles couldn't take that way.

Thank you Torres family for allowing me to capture your awesome one year old and I look forward to doing your family pictures this fall!

- Sandy