Thursday, June 28, 2012

Riggins Trio {Mini Session}

 This crew was so fun! 5 difference between each child, which I thought so was cool (and genius if you ask me! lol) All three very fun ages. First up we have the "stud muffin." He's the oldest and knows how to rock a serious pose if need be!


Next up is precious lil baby girl. The sweet middle child and cute as can be! Her smile was to die for and her personality was hilarious!

Last but certainly not least is this handsome little  ONE year old. He was so content and just plain happy! And did I mention handsome? :)



 And of course we had to show what this group is REALLY capable of :)


There you have it! THE RIGGINS! 

Next Up: 6 Day Old Baby BOY :)

- Sandy

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Meet Miss Emma

 This little darlin' is my first wee client that I captured her through my Watch Me Grow package I offer. This family is awesome all within itself, but this little one just simple completes them. She has such personality, all the way up to her crinkled nose!

See what I mean? I mean...seriously.

For me, Watch Me Grow sessions, especially the 1 year sessions, are so bittersweet. I have the opportunity to capture these sweetie pies throughout their first year and when that last session's sad! 1. they are already a year old. And 2. I get to know the families so well, they seem like family themselves! 

I will leave you all with a picture of Miss Emma next to her handsome brother, whom I captured back in 2010 at HIS first year session.  Whatcha think....can you see similarities? :)

- Sandy

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Scraper {Family Mini Session}

Let's see how this goes! I'm really wanting to keep up my blog because it's a good way for those that do not have facebook to continue to follow my work, but with life getting busier and busier, sometimes it doesn't get on the top priority list...but I do want you all to be able to cherish these moments that I cherish myself. So starting today, after I finish a session, I hope to do a blog on them. For those of you that I did sessions for this year and didn't get a session, apologies, but hopefully our next one you'll get a lil spotlight for your beautiful fam! So with all that said....

Meet the Scraper Family. I have had the opportunity to capture this family four times within the past year and I ALWAYS anticipate their sessions. And when I know dad is coming along, I smile even more. This poor fella, he's worked all night and then drove from Oakland City just to get told to "say cheese!" :) His reactions are hilarious and mom's reaction to his behavior is even better.

And then there are their girls. The parents awesomeness is enough, but then you throw their girls in the's perfection.
 To be able to see their growth every new session that's completed, it simply amazes me. For instance, bit sis here has went from shy, not wanting to look at the camera (or the crazy chic behind the camera? LOL) from....well...this.
 And then lil sis is simply adorable. She honestly reminds me of myself when I was that age. She would do things and crack up at herself and then big sis would get this "I'm trying to smile because a camera is in my face, but this chic is pushin' my buttons!" LOL! But it would created the CUTEST pictures! Their relationship is so stinkin' cute it's unreal.
I cherish this family and I can't wait to capture them all over again! Thank you Scraper Family!

- Sandy