Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Newborn Session of 2011

I started back to the Blog World shortly after I did my very first newborn session, so I wanted to go back and capture the memories a little bit more. Being the first newborn session of the year, I wanted to start off with a bang, and I think this little man was all we expected and hoped for! He was awake at the perfect time, asleep at the perfect time, lol it was just wonderful. So many of his pictures look like he's just a little doll baby, he's soo soo precious.  

The little owl hat in this first picture was made by All You Knit is Love and it fit him perfectly. The night before the session, I sat and I thought. I sat and I thought. How can I just help this adorable owl hat stand out on this precious baby boy, that much more....sat and I thought. BINGO! A NEST! Perfection. I think we nailed it. I swear it gives me all the confidence in the world when I think up an idea and it's executed perfectly. Makes this photographer one happy camper!

Then there is the little lion outfit. Oh. My. Goodness. I feared that it would swallow him up, but I have to admit, he rocked it. And his face...see what I'm talking about with the babydoll? My GOODNESS!

I absolutely love capturing moments, telling stories, and creating memories. With this specific family, I'm just blessed. I was able to capture mommy's oldest son at 18 months. I was able to capture her youngest son as a teeny tiny newborn. And I was able to capture mommy's entire family, including her precious little angel baby girl who I'm sure of it, looks down from Heaven every day (when she's not riding a tricycle and singing her ABCs) and is proud of her mommy and how she is raising her younger brothers. It's moments like this, famlies such as this, that make you take a hard look at all the petty things in life that don't matter, nor will they ever, yet they nag at you, they consume you, whatever. It's not worth it. Life is worth it. Family is worth it. Every single second. 

So many times these sessions mean just as much to me that it does the families simply because of the stories that it brings out, the stories I'm able to capture for these families. And for that reason, I feel so blessed to be able to act out on the gift that I finally realized that God has given me.

 Absolute Angel....
 It doesn't get much more pure than that. New life...it's perfection.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Precious Baby H

 Isn't the baby girl precious as all get out? I'm not going to lie, after doing two newborn sessions where the babies weighed less than 6 lbs to little miss almost 9 lbs I thought I was working with a 3 month old at times during this session! Her mommy warned me about those beautiful cheeks of hers and I'm going to have to agree, they were perfect! All 9 days of her, she would sleep through just about everything and she would just grin and grin some more. You just have to wonder what goes through their sweet little minds of theirs.

Mommy wanted to bring out the monkey outfit again and I have to say she looked perfect in it. Such a cute lil sock monkey :) Love that outfit lol
 Yup...another blooper....with a newborn....containing....well, see for yourself :)
 Of course you get to see the final product ;) Love love love it!
 Innocence....pure innocence. Such a sweet, sweet baby and I'm so happy for mommy and daddy, they are one blessed set of parents!
Welcome to this world Baby H! Can't wait to capture you again! :)

Welcome to this world Baby K

 This sweet little one came to Washington from Greenwood Indiana, all of 2 weeks old. 6 lbs sopping wet, she was soooooo sweet to hold, sway back and forth with, whisper sweet cuddly's too....brought back so many memories of my own little one.
 I have to wonder...is this little one going to be a girly girl....
 or an outdoors, get the camo out and go truckin' in the woods with daddy, kinda girl.
 Or just plain be super cute and just do it all?
 Like her mama....
Yup, I agree. She's gonna do it all and be it all....all 6 lbs of her, watch out world!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Meet Baby L

Trying to stay caught up on the blog! Meet Precious Baby L...
This precious baby girl was just over a week old and was one sweet little girl. She seemed so cozy in every little pose we tried with her. This session was done during the morning session of the Washington Regional in Basketball so daddy was able to keep us up to date on the happenings (they win by the way....and no on their way to the State Finals next week, woohoo. Sorry for the Hatchet plug, couldn't resist ;)). Anyways, Baby L's grandma was there to help us out so we had plenty of hands to help out. We swaddled, we cuddled, we patted bottoms of this little miss and in response she gave us some awesome pictures, she poo'd on grandma, she pee'd on daddy, she grinned, she slept, she pee'd and ladies and gentlemen, we were done after that :) LOL No but seriously, she was a treasure to capture and I hope I made the parents proud by capturing these memories for them.

Daddy (and Daddy's Dad) works for UPS and so it was it only appropriate to bring back the exact box that we used for their maternity session that fit right over mommy's belly, to put precious L in. She. Fit. Perfect. 
After this picture....she peed. :) For the 2nd time LOL

I absolutely loved how this turned out. With this mom's vintage style, I wanted to try and capture just that and incorporate it in both the maternity session and the newborn session. And I believe we nailed it. I couldn't be more pleased!

Hope you were able to enjoy Baby L as much as I have :)

Blooper Contest Winner

You guessed it! With a whopping 133 total votes, Amie and Garrett will be receiving a FREE session fee!

I think that the Blooper Contest (First Annual??) was a complete success! More than 950 votes came in with just 5 days of voting, you guys are wonderful! We had several good pictures to vote for and I loved hearing all the laughs it brought people. That's what it's about :)

So with sessions beginning to start full swing, I just want to welcome all of the new "likers" on my facebook page, we've made it to almost 2,000 fans already, you guys are awesome! I hope you enjoy what you see and feel free to comment away! I always enjoy feedback! Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest and for particpating, you all will receive a FREE 8x10 on your next session that we schedule. Congrats and now let's go see what Bloopers we can create for the day! :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bloopers - anyone?

Every picture can tells a story...even a funny one! Last night I was sitting looking at some of my past sessions and I couldn't help but laugh when I would get to some bloopers. For instance, the picture above is a picture of my niece.

Here's the set up: 
Fall family session.
Leaves on the ground.
Cows in the distance.
Beautiful barn.

My niece loved looking at the cows so it was awesome to capture her happiness with such a beautiful background.

And then that happened. 

Right in the middle of capturing these cute, adorable, perfect pictures, this lovely black cow decided he needs to..."go potty" as I prefer to tell my daughter. I really don't think my niece quite knew what to think lol. It was such a priceless moment and I will continue to laugh every single time I see this photo, or even think about it for that matter!

So what about you? We've all had these moments and I want to see them! YOUR bloopers! What is that one photo that just has you in tears every time you look at it? What is that one photo that you had the perfect moment and....well...your cow went potty :) lol. You all have seen several of my bloopers, now it's time to give back :)

So, I'm going to do a BLOOPERS CONTEST!!! How fun is THAT! Anyone can participate, the photo DOES NOT have to be a professional picture, but does have to be a picture that actually happened :) No getting funny's off of google or anything crazy like that, I want some real life laughter going on.

So starting TODAY March 9, start gathering up those photos and send me ONE picture to be entered into this contest :) Send me an email at sandy@sandyclarkephotography.com and if you want to give me a little description, I may just add that right along with it, to give people a little bit of a background of this hilarious moment that you were able to experience :)

The picture can be of you, your child, a friend, whatever, just try and get permission first please ;)  An expression, something that doesn't belong, something just silly, they all will work.

You have until March 13th at midnight to get me your best picture you can come up with. The winner will receive a FREE SESSION FEE from yours truly! That's a $50 value....all yours for free, just for having a mishap and laughing about it! All I ask if what if you submit a photo, you are close enough to be able to use the prize. The contest will begin shortly after the deadline for the pictures to be sent to me by, and will go for one week and will take place on my facebook page. So if you aren't a fan yet, head on over to my facebook page, but clicking on the link to the right of this page and "like" the page so that you are ready to go. I know I have a ton of fans out there that have awesome sense of humors...so let's have it....make. me. laugh. :)

Pictures are all about making people smile so let's make it our goal to not only have people smile at all of these pictures, but laugh until they "go potty!" ;)


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meet Baby J

Such a precious precious 3 week old baby boy. He was wide away from the majority of the session so I was able to capture those big beautiful eyes of his. Big sis came along and I can't get over how well behaved she was! A big 2 year old and you would think she was 5 the way she was behaving. Very impressed on this end :) But the family and I shared some good laughs when mommy and I would be in one room with Baby J capturing precious moments and daddy would walk in "what in the world do you have on his head?" and just shake his head and smile. He couldn't help but smile because his son was so dog gone cute :)

I particularly enjoyed it when mommy would leave the room to get daddy because "he looks soooooo cute, you have to come see!" :) That's when you know you're doing everything right. And I can't say enough about this mommy. This child definately had a mommy radar. Any time she was within 15 feet, he knew she was around. It was so neat to see the bonding between the two of them. This next picture is such a simple picture, but the story behind this one is, we just finished up doing a few pictures of the little fella and we were taking a break taking his paci. I was just snapping a few pictures of his precious little feet and afterwards, when looking over the pictures, I looked in the background. Mommy's hand on baby's head just soothing him. Just one of those many moments. It was awesome, I'm telling you.

After a while,  I think we completely wore this little fella out because he fell asleep and I'm pretty sure he stayed asleep up until they left! I can't say I blame him though, there's a good chance I would have taken a long nap after this awesome little session too if I were him. It's hard work looking that darn cute!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Meet Mr. C

One year sessions are so fun! At one, you are really starting to see their true personalities shine through and when I looked at this little guy, I saw a sweetheart, a trooper, and someone who really doesn't care for water to end up all over his lap! But then again...I can't say I blame him :)

We ended up doing the session smack dab in the middle of nap time....hense the trooper part ;) You honestly couldn't tell he was going without his nap in the least bit! Now in the vehicle heading back home he probably fell right asleep, but for me, he was wonderful! Mommy told me the night before that he typically doesn't smile for anyone with a camera, unless it's her behind it. Well I just have to share this picture that I took....5 pictures into the session, of this handsome little fella:

From there on out, I knew we were going to be just fine ;) haha And that cow print chair, is that not just the coolest chair ever?! Mommy agreed to bring it to the session and as soon as we plopped that chair on the floor, he was feeling pretty comfortable. Pushing it, sitting on it, laying on it, STANDING on it...oh how I love one year olds! :) He was fun, I tell ya.

And check out this next outfit...
Is that not super handsome? From his head all the way to his toes! I found that hat a few months back and just held onto it just waiting for the perfect time to use it and boys and girls, I think we found it. Granted C probably would tell us otherwise if he could, but he let us have a few pictures with it on :) And BriAnn Claire's Bowtique was kind enough to make the necktie tee for me for this session and I just think everything came together perfectly.

Oh how I love action shots. Whether it's running, jumping....or even slobbers!  Mommy thought he might be getting in another tooth or two, but I couldn't help but snag this shot because it was so cute lol. See, even his slobber is cute! I tell ya!

This last picture I couldn't help but laugh when it was all said and done. Whenever I do the goldfish pictures, I just never know what it's going to bring. Every session is different and they definately bring out the personality. This session, the fish slipped away from C a little bit!!!
As we were finishing up the goldfish pictures, Mr. C decided he wanted to dig in a little deeper and out came the water! He poured probably 1/2 of the water down the front of him! It was lukewarm water, but when you just have a diaper on, I'd imagine that's a little bit of a shocker! So needless to say, we were definately done after that one. LOL Like I said, each session is completely different :)

It's absolutely amazing what just a few short months will do.
This is a good reminder to hug those babies because before too long, they will be running, jumping, and pouring water all over themselves! And the thing is, they STILL get more precious every day (which is where the sweetheart came in ;))!